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Are you curious to find out how your website could be improved and how to get more out of it for greater online success?

We created a handy website checklist that allows you to check whether your website meets all essential criteria in half an hour. We touch upon Search Engine Optimization (SEO), conversion, user experience, security, and the legal requirements of today.

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Information about the checklist

So what do we
check for?

Whether you are an experienced webmaster or just starting out, this guide will help you understand the importance of a website health check and how it can benefit your online presence.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Your target client has a problem or is looking for information to help them make a decision. YOU want to be found for what they look for in your industry.

    If you respond to potential customers’ information needs with relevant content, they are more likely to end up on your pages. They may become customers after visiting your website.

  • Conversion

    Once your target audience arrives on your website as a result of good SEO, it is critical that they understand who you are and what can you do for whom within seconds.

    Surfers are impatient and enjoy clicking. Provide engaging content and clear calls to action: a simple sign-up for a newsletter, freebies, questions… Give them opportunities to act.

  • User Experience

    SEO and user experience are linked in many ways, both in terms of the content and the way the site is set up. We call this ‘on-page’ and ‘technical’ SEO.

    Visitors to your website want to be able to scan your content without having to wade through huge blocks of text. Provide headlines that give a sense of what is to come in the paragraphs, and use lists where you can!

    Quality photography and video content supplement the written content, and the emotional picture is complete.

  • Load Speed & Links

    A website that takes a long time to load because of large image files, plugins that use up a lot of resources, cheap hosting, and other bad coding choices is not exactly a great place for people to visit.

    Finding broken internal links that lead to the well-known 404 message and, more commonly, opening an external page or article in the same tab rather than a new tab, are also sure ways for a visitor to click away or simply lose your website in their browsing journey.

  • Security & Privacy

    Do you update your CMS and plugins on a regular basis? Is your host taking care of this for you? It is very important to keep your website’s code up to date so that hackers and viruses can’t get in. A good security system/plug-in can also save you a lot of time and trouble.

    Do you have everything correctly set up in terms of security and data privacy/GDPR? Does your website have an SSL certificate as well as privacy and cookies statement?

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